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Have you or your company ever pursued a sponsorship opportunity?  If you’ve never done so, it’s an excellent way to heighten your visibility assuming it’s the right audience and the right event.  Once you make the decision to be a sponsor what’s essential is that you take your responsibility seriously in order to reap the benefits.  What’s far more common is to underestimate the importance and here’s why I say that.

This week I attended a business mixer at a local chamber of commerce that had several sponsors.  Each sponsor was given time to address the audience and share something about their company.  This is invaluable and yet it’s so predictably disappointing to witness the sponsor make these mistakes: tell the history of the company, how long they’ve been on this earth, who their clients are, awards they’ve won…yadda, yadda, yadda.  Spewing out these details only serves one person—the sponsor!  It’s equivalent to transmitting a one-way message that isn’t getting picked up by the receiver.  All it takes is glancing around the room to notice the audience rolling their eyes, yawning, chatting and texting.  Need I say more?

If as a sponsor you want to make best use of your time and money you’ll want to:

1. Stand in a location that makes sense; the sponsors I heard stood in front of an LCD projector where images were projected across their forehead!

2. Customize your message around the people in the room; this will avoid giving stale information.

3. Use creativity by using props, asking questions that engage the audience, offering prizes or something that adds value.

Sponsorship is a only a wise business decision if you use it to full advantage and avoid squandering it.  Please let me know your thoughts or ask me for help with your message.

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