R.E.C.E.S.S.I.O.N.: How to Make It Work For You

Many of us are feeling swept up in the current state of our economy either firsthand or due to the never-ending media blitz. But here’s an idea…why not take a different perspective, a positive one? So now let’s look at the 9 letters of the word “recession” and transform them into useful tips that you can use.

R= Research Opportunities: Whether you still have your job or not, it’s always beneficial to look around and find out what other options exist…just in case. If you’re still employed, you can even look within your own company but maybe in a different department or if you’re willing to relocate maybe transferring to another location within your company is an option.

If you’ve lost your job or know that it’s imminent, your research should include conventional as well as less conventional approaches. Be sure to include social networking sites (i.e. Linked In, Twitter, Plaxo, Facebook). Another useful site is jibberjobber.com where you can not only network but also track your job search efforts.

E= Expand Your Skills: As you conduct your research you may learn that some of your skills are not advanced enough or perhaps need updating. That means that this is the ideal time to get going and either go back to school, take an online course, pursue self-study or whatever it takes to hone your skill set. Even if you can’t complete your studies prior to applying for a job, it will be well worth your while to show that you’re making the effort.

C= Communicate Confidently: It’s natural to feel insecure when your professional life is uncertain. However, if you fall into a pattern of letting this seep into your communication, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. As previously mentioned, there’s no shortage of hearing about “gloom and doom,” so be sure not to add to it. Instead, concentrate on communicating about what you can do to help a prospective employer by saving money, making money or improving an aspect of business in some way. Practice saying this out loud; do you sound confident?

E= Exceed Expectations: If you still have your job but think your time may be limited, it’s advisable to start doing everything you can to “go the extra mile.” It’s tempting to want to slack off when things get tough and it may take more effort to perform your job during these times…but if you show up a little earlier or stay later, you’ll exceed expectations and that may extend your stay or position you to move to another department where help is needed. Strive to be at the top of your game.

S= Seek Guidance: Some of us are pretty good at asking for help or advice but others may feel awkward about doing so. During times of adversity it makes good sense to seek out a mentor or anyone you feel could assist you. Most people want to help but they can’t read your mind. Figure how what you need to know and then go out and get the answers. Although you may feel alone…you’re not!

S= Stay Focused: As you walk through these steps, be sure to write things down. In other words, formulate a “road map” for yourself with specific goals and objectives as well as corresponding dates. This keeps you on track and helps you monitor your progress. Eliminate doubt; map it out!

I= Initiate Informational Interviews: Checking want ads or job postings is always an option but don’t limit yourself to this route. It’s quite common to learn that jobs exist that aren’t even advertised. So how do you uncover them? It’s done by pursuing informational interviews. As you conduct your research and network, you’ll determine industries and employers that appeal to you. Your next step is to call or write and request an informational interview to learn more about the company, their goals and needs. Of course you’ll need to be prepared with your list of key questions as well as what skills you bring to the table.

O=Offer Assistance: This is about thinking out of the box or thinking out of your role. Where else can you offer to help others? Is there a project at work where you’re not currently involved or even an organization where you could volunteer some time? When you open up new doors new opportunities may present themselves.

N=Never Give Up: Remember that you are your best asset; even if you’ve lost your job or it’s at risk, no one can take away your great ideas, your skills and your experience. Now more than ever is the time to learn how to “sell yourself” because when you do, that’s when others want to buy.

When you turn “recession” into an acronym you gain a new perspective and 9 tips that you can start putting to work for you right away.

By: Dale G. Klein, M.A., Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist,©2009 Profitable Speech, LLC®. All rights reserved.