Communication Workout: How to Keep Your Communication in Tip-Top Shape

Who can escape the daily onslaught of innovative ways to shape up, trim down,
remove unwanted wrinkles and hair, and any other undesirable features in an
effort to essentially redesign ourselves? The barrage of infomercials, pop-up
advertising, books and promotions about how to look younger, feel vibrant and
stay in shape, is ubiquitous! 

But wait a minute…what about the one physical
activity we engage in every day and take for granted? Let’s face it, how many
of us make a conscious effort to monitor our communication fitness? And yet with
the countless instances of communication breakdowns, you’d think we’d want
to make this a priority vs. something picayune. If you think this may be
applicable to you or perhaps someone you know, then please jump on the band
wagon and read on, because being in shape starts with how we sound.

Communication Fitness Checklist Recommended Exercise
1.Do you jump to conclusions? Get all the facts first.
2.Do you fly off the handle or lash out? Reflect before you react.
3.Do you beat around the bush? Practice giving feedback.
4.Do you go around in circles? Determine your objectives.
5. Do you drag your feet? Realistically assess your skills.
6. Do you dodge the issue? Use direct language.
7. Do you tune out? Actively listen to others.
8. Do you run off at the mouth? Organize your thoughts.
9. Do you throw your weight around? Lead by example.
10. Are you tight-lipped? Practice offering your opinion.
11. Do you get tongue tied? Write down what you want to say.
12. Do you talk out of both sides of your mouth? Stay committed to your word.
13. Do you speak a mile a minute? Pause between thoughts.
14. Do you turn a deaf ear? Respect different perspectives.