Picture this scenario: You attend a presentation and the very first image you have of the speaker is fumbling through various contortions to adjust the lavaliere microphone. Actually this is something I witnessed just this week. I think you’d agree this is not exactly the ideal way to greet your audience.

To begin, if you’re unfamiliar with the term lavaliere, it’s a small, hands-free microphone, also known as a clip-on or lapel mic.

Here are 8 best practices to ensure your lavaliere use goes smoothly.

1. Practice using your lavaliere if you’ve not had much or any experience in the past. This includes knowing how to wear it correctly as well as doing a voice-check before your audience arrives.

2. Placement is vitally important to ensure optimal sound quality. Ideally the microphone should be in the middle of your chest, facing upwards and about 6-8 inches below your chin. Center placement is preferred over either side so that you’re sure to amplify your voice. For men, a good location is your tie.

3. Inexperienced lavaliere users may not dress correctly, which is something I learned the hard way. For women, wear clothing with a waistband (slacks or skirt) so you have a spot on which to fasten the power source. Synthetic clothing tends to be noisy so you may want to avoid wearing it. Also it’s suggested you clip on the microphone to either a jacket lapel or button-down shirt vs. an unstructured garment. (See the photo above.)

4. If you wear jewelry, be sure it doesn’t dangle in order to avoid making contact with the microphone and being distracting.

5. If you have long hair you should consider wearing it up so it’s out of the way and doesn’t make contact with the microphone.

6. The lavaliere microphone will have a wire connecting it to its power source—but no one needs to see this. You’re best off threading the wire underneath your clothing so it’s not in plain view.

7. Familiarize yourself with the ON/OFF switch located on the power source (green vs. red light) and be certain that before you speak and after you speak, you turn off the power. This way you won’t be broadcasting something not meant to be heard.

8. Always carry spare batteries with you to use as needed.

Follow these 8 best practices to feel confident about using a lavaliere microphone. You’re always welcome to call me for more information (518-664-6004).