Most of the work we do is goal-driven. That’s an excellent start but as we know in order to make our goal a reality, there’s more to the puzzle such as vision, planning, strategy and process.

This puzzle approach directly applies to our communication, which is essential to all the work we do. Recently I assisted one of my clients with meeting facilitation. Much of the task involved pre-work in order to achieve the target goal. After several months of coaching which addressed the vision, planning, strategy, process, and practice, the big day arrived.

As a result of the significant effort done in advance, the day was a success and the goal was reached. But why stop there? My client requested a debriefing call the very next day—what a great idea! To prepare for that phone call I wrote down specifically what went well. Additionally, I made a note of specific areas in which to improve. When we spoke I stopped periodically to open the discussion up for comments or questions.

At the conclusion of the debriefing call, my client felt much was learned that could be directly applied for the next upcoming event. As stated previously, I believe this was an invaluable aspect of the project in that the debriefing aspect allowed for knowing what to replicate as well as what to change.

Have you tried debriefing your meetings or presentations? If you’d like to learn more, we should speak about it.