One of the most common issues business people face is figuring out how to be memorable—I refer to this as having the Stand Out Factor. You can think of it as your uniqueness, much like your fingerprint.

In our frenetic world, we’re all bombarded by messages, whether they’re verbal, auditory or electronic. They can’t all stand out and be memorable so what are ways to do this? Here are several ideas for your consideration:

1. Be a perpetual student and learn from others, especially your competition.
2. Listen more than you speak.
3. Think of yourself as an adviser vs. an order-taker.
4. Strive to be different vs. being the best.
5. Know your niche and appeal to your ideal client.
6. Focus on the client or customer experience.
7. Be accessible when clients need you.
8. Seek client feedback.
9. Send handwritten cards.
10. Delight and surprise clients (e.g. deliver bagels, cookies, fresh fruit).

**Bonus: Consistently express your appreciation.

Standing out makes a difference in our crowded market place. If you want to be memorable it takes commitment, which is why it helps to think of yourself as being as unique as your fingerprint.

What else have you tried that you’d like to share with other readers? Can’t wait to hear from you.