Ever since I started Profitable Speech in 1994, it’s always been my practice to help my clients improve what I refer to as their “head-to-toe communication.” Naturally this means that our messages go way beyond the words we speak. It also encompasses what we say with our bodies.

Believe it or not, our leg position impacts our personal presence. When you stand, are you aware of the placement of your legs? If you’re not, here are some pointers to consider.

Many of my clients, especially females, tend to cross one leg over the other or stand with their legs very close together when in front of a group. While this may feel like a comfortable habit, it also makes a statement about you.

For example it may convey the following:
1. Questionable stability
2. Limited mobility
3. Guarded mindset
4. Insecurity
5. Nervousness
6. Lack of confidence

While you may not truly be feeling this way, others may mistakenly perceive this about you which is the downside.

With that in mind, recommended alternative standing leg posture is:
-Realize that your feet form your base of support and place them shoulder width apart.
-Feel a sense of being rooted to the ground in this position.
-Avoid rocking front and back, bouncing on your toes, or swaying from side to side.
-If you opt to move, do so with purpose vs. randomly.
-At the outset of your presentation, remain stationary so that you convey strength and conviction right from the beginning.

Always know that how we stand either supports what we’re communicating or is a distraction. Knowing the difference will give you a leg up.