How many times have you listened to a presentation either live or virtually and felt the energy level was way too low? It’s pretty tough to attend so now flip it around and imagine how your listeners may be feeling if they perceive you present with a low energy level. I know it’s a scary thought but let’s take a closer look.

When we present with a low energy level there may be several possible reasons behind it. For example, we’re feeling under the weather, we’re sleep-deprived, we have a low-key personality, we really dread public speaking and would rather be anywhere but in front of this audience. This is just for starters so realize that you may have your own particular reason or you may even be oblivious regarding how you come across.

If you’re curious to know what you can to improve your energy level as a speaker, here is some food for thought:

1. Record your presentation (preferably video but minimally audio) so you can see and/or hear it for yourself. This can be a significant eye-opener.
2. Seek feedback from a professional speaking coach or at the very least a trusted colleague.
3. Strive to improve your standing posture and be sure to stand when you speak so you have the benefit of speaking in a new plane.
4. Work on being more efficient when you breathe and be sure you breathe correctly by taking in sufficient air (from your diaphragm) and then speaking on exhalation.
5. Speak from head-to-toe so you’re not merely speaking from your mouth but using your entire body to communicate.
6. Maintain eye-contact with your audience (vs. your slides or your notes) so you have an emotional connection.

This is a solid beginning and offers you a place to start. Try these ideas to see if you notice a difference. If you find you’d like my assistance, give me a call or email me. Always happy to help you.

Remember—energy is contagious so what you send out as a speaker is what others perceive.