Two words from a client that are magic to my ears—Nailed It. This is what I client e-mailed me after conducting a substantial presentation we’d worked on together. Congratulations to my client and anyone else who can make the same claim.

Now let’s look at this phrase more closely and see what’s entailed in being able to say you nailed it.

Ten points for you to consider are did you…

1. Analyze your audience or listeners in advance?
2. Determine your optimal outcome or result from the perspective of your listeners?
3. Create an outline framing your sequence of speaking points?
4. Incorporate opportunities or exercises to encourage audience engagement?
5. Decide what visual aids were most suitable (e.g. slides, props, handouts)?
6. Time yourself while rehearsing?
7. Attend to your non-verbal language?
8. Develop an attention-getting opening?
9. Close with an inspiring call-to-action?
10. Evaluate yourself for future presentations?

These are ten areas in which I coached my client. I’m not surprised to hear that my client “nailed it” and that several attendees provided glowing feedback. All well-deserved. When you think about it this is a significant achievement and as long as you’re willing to invest the time and energy, as my client did, you can look forward to similar results.

Let me know when you’re ready to nail it!