Funny how it works but sometimes we’re grateful for what didn’t actually occur. Consider how incredibly thankful you’ve felt when you…

1. Were not required to give a presentation
2. Did not have to give an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony
3. Were not interviewed by the media as the spokesperson for your company
4. Were not asked to interview by a prospective employer
5. Were not asked to come up with a slide deck
6. Managed to avoid attending a networking event
7. Were not asked any direct questions at a team meeting
8. Decided to not leave a voicemail when the person you were calling didn’t answer

Now consider the antithesis of these scenarios. Imagine feeling incredibly thankful when you..

1. Delivered a compelling presentation
2. Gave a heartfelt acceptance speech for an award you received
3. Spoke to the media with a professional presence
4. Interviewed successfully with a prospective employer and left a positive impression
5. Created an effective slide deck to accompany your presentation
6. Networked with confidence and made meaningful connections
7. Spoke up by offering your opinion at a staff meeting
8. Left a powerful and engaging voicemail that resulted in your call being returned promptly

Starting today…you owe it to yourself and your company/employer to feel thankful for what you’ve accomplished whether it’s giving a presentation, delivering a speech, participating in an interview, networking, speaking up at a meeting or leaving a voicemail. Each of these is a significant part of business communication. The best part is you can learn how to do these tasks or become better at them and I can assist you. Why do it alone!

Give me a call now so we can discuss this…and thank you for contacting me. I promise it’ll be a sound investment.