Ever eat a fortune cookie? Ever read the fortune inside your cookie? Owning my business since 1994, I’ve come to view consistency as the key to good fortune. Interestingly enough, I read two articles today, both of which focused on the significance of consistency in business. The authors of these two articles were Trevor Bron (contributing writer to The Business Review) and Eric Holtzclaw (article published in Inc.).

Being consistent applies to your:
1. Outgoing voicemail message when contacting others
2. Incoming voicemail message when others call you or your business
3. Sent emails
4. Daily attitude toward yourself and others
5. Branding
6. Networking
7. Meetings with internal customers
8. Meetings with external customers/clients
9. Presentations
10. Overall philosophy

You can probably add to this list…what it really comes down to is being consistent in your communication. Not as easy as it may sound. However, there’s great value in being consistent. Mr. Bron said the three vital areas in consistency are: language, message and action. Mr. Holtzclaw states consistency allows for measurement, creates accountability, establishes your reputation, makes you relevant, and maintains your message. All viable points…would you agree?

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist who guides clients on how to sound their best, I concur with what these authors have stated. Being consistent in our communication has a significant impact on our listeners. Here’s how it works…the more consistent we are, the more we make it easy for our listeners. The sooner they receive and understand our message the more effective we are. Now that’s something that should be in a fortune cookie!