Yes, you. Why not you?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about several aspects of being able to influence others.
1. Why is it worthwhile to be an influencer? Good question. The answer is you can have a positive impact and get the results you’re seeking.

2. Is influencing a form of manipulating? No, it’s not that at all. When someone attempts to manipulate another individual or group of people, it’s usually based on creating false hope and offering false promises. When manipulation is the goal, the emphasis is often self-serving. Conversely, when someone tries to influence, it’s built on a joint vision that has meaning for the other person or people.

3. Is being an effective listener important to being an influencer? Absolutely. Listening isn’t an easy skill but only when we strive to fully understand another person’s perspective, can we influence them or determine if influencing them is even warranted.

4. How much does public speaking impact being an influencer? 100%. Think about someone who has influenced you and then reflect on their communication. The greater the influence we wish to have, the more we should invest in our ability to project our voice easily, use a dynamic form of delivery and include succinct, meaningful verbiage.

5. What are the components of influence? For starters, they include strong rapport, clear and congruent communication and understanding of others.

6. What role does confidence play when trying to influence? A significant role. If you consider those that have influenced you, did you view them as confident? You most likely did and that’s why confidence is pivotal. You can become more confident by honestly evaluating your skills, honing your expertise, seeking feedback from those you trust and practicing your delivery.

So if you’re wondering “Who Me?” the answer is “Why not you?” Start right now by asking yourself some questions such as: Whom do I need to influence? What do I know about those I most want to influence? How credible am I and how can I strengthen my credibility?

These 3 questions are a good starting point. For more ideas…contact me!