Open Wide

March 25, 2017By Dale KleinBreathing|Job Success|Professionalism|Public Speaking, Communication Style|Distractions|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Time, Communication Style|Leadership|Presentation Skills|Public Speaking

Each of us has been raised in a different manner, which means that our values and behaviors will differ. As one example, some cultures may feel it’s best to keep our mouths in more of a closed position, even when speaking. That doesn’t always serve us well and here’s why. Lately I’ve noticed several of … Read More

Age is a Number… Act It

March 17, 2017By Dale KleinCredibilty

No matter what our age is or what generation we’re part of we have something in common—we all want to be taken seriously. While some people assume that youth may not be as credible in the business world due to their lack of experience that isn’t always accurate. This is a topic that I help … Read More

Be As Unique As Your Fingerprint

March 10, 2017By Dale KleinUncategorized

One of the most common issues business people face is figuring out how to be memorable—I refer to this as having the Stand Out Factor. You can think of it as your uniqueness, much like your fingerprint. In our frenetic world, we’re all bombarded by messages, whether they’re verbal, auditory or electronic. They can’t all … Read More

Insuring Your Communication=Success

February 17, 2017By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style, Communication Style|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Networking, Fear|Public Speaking|Uncategorized, Goal-Setting

In an Albany Business Review article titled: If You Want to Win, Plan to Fail, author Shawn Rhodes raised several salient points. His three main takeaways were: 1. Focus on success vs. perfection 2. Welcome setbacks 3. If you’re on time, you’re late As I reflected on his message, it struck me that much of … Read More

Preparation=Think Time

February 10, 2017By Dale KleinPreparation

When I ask my clients and prospects what they do to prepare for their varied speaking demands…they’re often surprised by my question. A frequent retort is “I don’t have any time to prepare so I wing it.” In my opinion “winging it” is equivalent to setting yourself up to fail. So what’s the solution? In … Read More

8 Best Practices for Using Your Lavaliere Microphone

January 20, 2017By Dale KleinAmplification

Picture this scenario: You attend a presentation and the very first image you have of the speaker is fumbling through various contortions to adjust the lavaliere microphone. Actually this is something I witnessed just this week. I think you’d agree this is not exactly the ideal way to greet your audience. To begin, if you’re … Read More