Insuring Your Communication=Success

February 17, 2017By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style, Communication Style|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Networking, Fear|Public Speaking|Uncategorized, Goal-Setting

In an Albany Business Review article titled: If You Want to Win, Plan to Fail, author Shawn Rhodes raised several salient points. His three main takeaways were: 1. Focus on success vs. perfection 2. Welcome setbacks 3. If you’re on time, you’re late As I reflected on his message, it struck me that much of … Read More

Preparation=Think Time

February 10, 2017By Dale KleinPreparation

When I ask my clients and prospects what they do to prepare for their varied speaking demands…they’re often surprised by my question. A frequent retort is “I don’t have any time to prepare so I wing it.” In my opinion “winging it” is equivalent to setting yourself up to fail. So what’s the solution? In … Read More

8 Best Practices for Using Your Lavaliere Microphone

January 20, 2017By Dale KleinAmplification

Picture this scenario: You attend a presentation and the very first image you have of the speaker is fumbling through various contortions to adjust the lavaliere microphone. Actually this is something I witnessed just this week. I think you’d agree this is not exactly the ideal way to greet your audience. To begin, if you’re … Read More

6 Reasons Perfection isn’t the Ideal Goal for Speakers

January 12, 2017By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Goal-Setting|Presentation Skills, Communication Style|Internal Dialogue

Back in 2014, Forbes Magazine contributor Nick Morgan wrote: “In public speaking, perfectionism is the enemy. Embrace instead the imperfect, the human and the lively. Embrace passion, not perfection.” This is excellent advice and something I consistently impart when coaching my clients to sound their best. Here are six solid reasons to revisit your drive … Read More