Shark Tank: Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

May 6, 2014By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

 How many of you are fans of the popular TV show Shark Tank? In case you’re unfamiliar with this program, it airs on Friday evenings and consists of 5 high net-worth entrepreneurs who are seeking to invest in sound businesses.  Contestants are a diverse group of individuals who “pitch” their business idea to the sharks … Read More

Transitions: Your Communication Bridge

August 29, 2013By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

Think back to a recent time when you were listening to someone speak (whether in a conversation or during a presentation); did you ever feel confused, lost or unclear?  If so, this is a clear sign that the speaker lacked effective use of transitions.  While this is quite common, it should and can be rectified. … Read More

GLOSSOPHOBIA–Easy for You to Say!

June 16, 2011By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

Don’t let this 12-letter word throw you; its origin is Greek, emanating from the two words glossa (tongue) and phobos (fear or dread).  By now you realize that glossophobia, which is a mouthful in and of itself, refers to fear of public speaking. If this is an issue for you, it may help to know … Read More

Polish Your Public Speaking: Time for T.I.P.S.

March 21, 2011By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

When requested to write an article about public speaking tips, I experienced an epiphany, of sorts.  Many people will do just about anything to avoid public speaking.  Or, you may have said “Who’s got the time?” or “That’s not good use of my time.”  Therein lies the epiphany; it’s all about time! **The best public … Read More