The Power of Words: How to Build Your Vocabulary

March 26, 2011By Dale KleinVocabulary

The Johnson O’ Connor Research Foundation determined: “A person’s vocabulary level was the best single aptitude for predicting occupational success in every area. Furthermore, vocabulary is not innate, and can be acquired by everybody.” Building your vocabulary starts with asking yourself this simple question: “Why do I want to increase my vocabulary?” Some people seek … Read More

Remembering People’s Names

March 26, 2011By Dale KleinMemory|Networking

If you’re like most of us, you’re often meeting new people, being introduced or introducing someone to another person.  In fact, it frequently seems like we’re bombarded with an endless stream of names and faces, doesn’t it? You may feel embarrassed when you can’t recall someone’s name or perhaps find yourself saying “Oh, I’m so … Read More

The Beauty of the Breath

March 26, 2011By Dale KleinBreathing

What if I told you that you may not be breathing effectively? Sure, this may sound a bit odd; after all who really takes the time to think about breathing in general, let alone whether or not it’s effective? It’s not exactly a course any of us took in college, right! But then again…maybe that’s … Read More

How to Boost Your Memory: Use It or Lose It!

March 26, 2011By Dale KleinMemory

Ever stop to think where we’d be without being able to tap into our memory?  It’s one of those skills that many of us may take for granted until you feel it’s not there when you need it or maybe not what it used to be.  In my day-to-day interactions, it’s not at all unusual … Read More

Bleeps, Bloops and Blunders

March 25, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

  Hopefully most of us feel that our embarrassing moments are few and far between. While typically we’d like nothing more than to simply forget about them, for some of us the recollection is all too vivid.  Sound familiar?  If you’ve ever lost any sleep about your embarrassing mistakes, then this video is perfect for you…so … Read More

Polish Your Public Speaking: Time for T.I.P.S.

March 21, 2011By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

When requested to write an article about public speaking tips, I experienced an epiphany, of sorts.  Many people will do just about anything to avoid public speaking.  Or, you may have said “Who’s got the time?” or “That’s not good use of my time.”  Therein lies the epiphany; it’s all about time! **The best public … Read More

Communication Work-Out

March 21, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication|Networking

Communication Workout: How to Keep Your Communication in Tip-Top Shape Who can escape the daily onslaught of innovative ways to shape up, trim down, remove unwanted wrinkles and hair, and any other undesirable features in an effort to essentially redesign ourselves?  The barrage of infomercials, pop-up advertising, books, and promotions about how to look younger, … Read More

How To Be Assertive vs. Aggressive

March 21, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Periodically, most of us find ourselves in a conflict where we feel one of two ways. We either want to confront the other person but don’t know how or we have a tendency to go overboard and don’t want to risk doing it again and being labeled as aggressive. Sound familiar? Click here to watch … Read More