Poor Listening Habits

May 26, 2011By Dale KleinListening

Think you’re a good listener? Have you taken the quiz on irritating listening behaviors? Part of effective listening is avoiding poor listening habits. Try this quiz. [wpsqt_quiz name=”Poor Listening Habits”]

Getting an Earful

May 22, 2011By Dale KleinListening

A crucial part of communication is listening.  Is it possible you may have some irritating listening behaviors? Not sure? Take this quiz now. [wpsqt_quiz name=”Getting an Earful”]

Where Did My Saliva Go?

May 13, 2011By Dale KleinVocal Hygiene

Picture yourself getting ready to speak in public and suddenly you notice the dreaded dry mouth dilemma. This is an all too common symptom associated with fear of public speaking, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. The goal is to keep yourself well-hydrated. Here are important tips to keep in mind the next time … Read More

Mind Tool For You

May 4, 2011By Dale KleinMemory

As a Communication & Speech Specialist, one of my goals is to offer clients a variety of tools to help them improve their day-to-day communication on the job.  One of my all time favorites is the use of mnemonics.  In case you’re unfamiliar with this term, its derivation is Greek, meaning assisting or intended to … Read More