The Illusion of Communication: Is What We Intend to Send What Others Believe They Receive?

June 30, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication|Job Success|Listening|Public Speaking

George Bernard Shaw said: “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” It’s virtually impossible not to communicate,  whether in our personal or professional lives.  Given all the experience we have communicating on a day-to-day basis, you’d think we’d be experts by now, right? Reality is that few if any of us … Read More

J.U.N.E: What’s In A Month?

June 22, 2011By Dale KleinInterviewing|Public Speaking|Vocabulary

June has arrived, which for many people means completing your education and going on job interviews.  Whether this is in your plans or not, here are four communication habits to avoid built around the acronym of J.U.N.E. Watch this video of my FOX 23 NEWS interview: Four Communication Habits To Avoid

GLOSSOPHOBIA–Easy for You to Say!

June 16, 2011By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

Don’t let this 12-letter word throw you; its origin is Greek, emanating from the two words glossa (tongue) and phobos (fear or dread).  By now you realize that glossophobia, which is a mouthful in and of itself, refers to fear of public speaking. If this is an issue for you, it may help to know … Read More

Hoaxes and Hackers and Humiliation, Oh My!

June 10, 2011By Dale KleinMedia

We have so much for which to be thankful.  For instance aren’t you thankful that you’re not Anthony Weiner? I’ve always had the philosophy that everything we do is a form of communication or maybe another way of saying it is it’s impossible not to communicate!  Seem like a lot of pressure?  The answer is … Read More

When In Doubt, Spell It Out!

June 2, 2011By Dale KleinPublic Speaking|Vocabulary

Remember this—when it comes to communication, the more you spell it out the more people will retain.  Since we’re now in the month of June, let’s use those four letters as an example. J=Jargon; it’s best to avoid using jargon when you speak as it ends up coming across as noise. U=Ums and Uhs; strive … Read More