George Bernard Shaw said:

The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.”

It’s virtually impossible not to communicate,  whether in our personal or professional lives.  Given all the experience we have communicating on a day-to-day basis, you’d think we’d be experts by now, right?

Reality is that few if any of us are expert communicators because we don’t necessarily make it a priority, even though we depend on it to accomplish most tasks.  Ask yourself how well you communicate when:

1. Your primary vehicle to communicate is via text messages or e-mail.

2. You tend to call others at off-hours in hopes of leaving a voice                                 mail message.

3. You find yourself re-explaining what was supposed to be a quick  e-mail but has been misunderstood.

4. You prefer to multi-task while conversing with others.

5. You often need to ask others to repeat what they’ve said.

6. You waste time reworking a task that was completed incorrectly due to            misunderstanding the original instructions

7. You feel frustrated and disappointed when others aren’t responsive.

8. You feel awkward when you lose your train of thought.

9. You’re frequently taking calls on your cell phone while meeting                            with others

10.  You rarely make eye-contact with others.

As you mull over these 10 points, ask yourself if you’re caught up in the illusion of communicating vs. truly communicating.  The difference will astound you.

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