The Dash Says It All…

August 30, 2011By Dale KleinInspirational

We communicate in a myriad of ways, which is why I wanted to  post a meaningful video that had an impact on me; hope it moves you, as well.  Let’s take every day to express ourselves to others and offer them the same in return.  That is truly a gift! Enjoy this touching message by … Read More

Uh-Oh; What Do I Say Now?

August 11, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Communication is purposeful or at least that’s the goal; talking for the pure sake of talking isn’t necessarily communicating.  That’s exactly why when I work with my clients we focus on communication preparation so they can achieve their outcome and get positive results.  This works extremely well when we can anticipate or predict the situation. … Read More

Memorable vs. Forgettable: Which Describes You?

August 5, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication|Job Success|Professionalism|Public Speaking

Every time we communicate, particularly in business, we have a choice: to be memorable or forgettable.  I don’t know about you…but I’m aiming for the former and doing whatever I can to steer clear of the latter. So why are so many people forgettable?  Because it’s easier than taking the steps to become memorable;  that’s the … Read More