Since none of us possesses a crystal ball, it’s not always easy to predict what each day holds for us. As a result, we encounter various ups and downs in our personal and professional lives…sometimes both!

Recently, I’ve learned that what matters most is resilience; in fact, I’ve also learned that I have this quality, as long as I’m willing to tap into it.  In essence, being resilient is the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity.  Not always so easy to do, right? Believe me I understand, which is why I chose this topic for my post.

For me, it’s often tied in with my inner voice; what I communicate to myself.  It’s about trusting myself but also knowing when to seek the support and input of others.   Additionally, it’s revisiting my sense of purpose and drive.   Without that, I’m not grounded.  An article in The Harvard Business Review, titled “How Resilience Works” by Diane L. Coutu, addresses optimism. It states that optimists make the following 3 statements when bad situations occur:

1. It won’t last forever.

2. It doesn’t impact all parts of my life.

3. I’m only partly to blame and maybe not at all.

What conversation are you having with yourself when hard times strike?  I invite you to click on the link below for a video on this topic; let me know what you think.

Personal Resilience

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