This past week, on September 7th, I celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary; in fact, my actual wedding day was Labor Day.  As I contemplated the significance of this event, I realized that it’s also a time-honored tradition to be called upon to deliver an anniversary toast.  This request  may come from your parents, grandparents or friends; you may even find yourself volunteering!

Whether you’ve been asked to deliver a toast or you’ve offered to do so, it may seem like a daunting task.  After all, presumably these are important people in your life and the last thing you want to do is to let them down, right?  Typically, the toughest part is getting started so let’s begin right now by reviewing these pointers:

1. Thumb through some photo albums to get ideas.

2. Talk to the couple celebrating their anniversary as well as some of their family & friends to hear their stories.

3.  Think about why you were asked to give the wedding toast and your experiences with the couple.

4. Based on the prior steps, develop an outline to start shaping your thoughts as well as what order makes the most sense.

5. Create transition phrases to help you navigate your message.

6. Once your wedding toast is formulated, practice saying it out loud until you feel you can speak from the heart and put emotion behind your words.

Life is filled with special occasions and as they come up they’re worthy of the right words.

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