The first annual Ellie Award event was hosted today at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany, New York…and of course I registered!  I say of course  for two reasons.  First, one of the most enjoyable services I provide is training business professionals how to craft and deliver a compelling 30-second commercial; second reason is that I constantly raise the bar on  my own standard of performance.   It pleases me to announce that I was declared the winner for the best elevator pitch in the Capital Region and I’m truly honored.  But what I most want to share is that whether you enter a competition or not, the most effective way to excel in this critical business skill is to prepare…and then prepare some more.  In this case, I had a 30-second commercial I planned to present but still I timed  myself repeatedly, edited my content and recorded my delivery.  You can get great results if you follow these steps and you’re welcome to call or write me to learn more!

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