Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions: Have a Conversation With Yourself

December 30, 2011By Dale KleinInspirational|Internal Dialogue|Motivational|Special Occasions

You’re familiar with the saying that “in life two things are certain—taxes and death.” But actually, one other certainty is that somewhere towards the end of each year most of us will fall into the habit of making New Year’s resolutions…and then not keep them! Sound remotely familiar yet?  I’ve certainly had this experience and … Read More

Getting To Know You Builds Community

December 8, 2011By Dale KleinLeadership|Networking

You may be familiar with the term business leads or business referral group (BRG).  In case you’re not it is a group of professionals that meets on a consistent schedule for the purpose of directing referrals or leads to one another.  Sometimes these groups are conducted independently or they may be affiliated with a local … Read More

Presence: The Greatest Gift of All

December 1, 2011By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

Holidays have different meanings for each of us depending on our background, culture and personality. Many of us invest time shopping for perfect presents to bestow on others.  But what about you?  My recommendation is that you focus on your presence vs. presents, specifically your professional presence.  Too often we overlook the immense importance of … Read More