You may be familiar with the term business leads or business referral group (BRG).  In case you’re not it is a group of professionals that meets on a consistent schedule for the purpose of directing referrals or leads to one another.  Sometimes these groups are conducted independently or they may be affiliated with a local chamber of commerce.

It is my good fortune to be a member of what is referred to as BRG#1, a leads group that is part of the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce and consists of approximately 35 remarkable business professionals.  I’ve been a member of this same group since 2000, which is sometimes hard for me to believe.  Over the years I’ve taken on various leadership roles within BRG#1 and this year served as Vice Chairperson.  Several times during the course of the year I designed and facilitated exercises to stimulate communication, spark networking,  and increase business opportunities among my colleagues.

To this end, last month I created a novel exercise that I called Getting to Know You and followed up with part 2 yesterday.  In order to give you a sense of how my mind works, last month I printed out the lyrics to the song “Getting to Know You,” from the musical, The King and I, and had everyone up on their feet singing at the top of their lungs while accompanied by the download of the song being sung from the movie, on YouTube.  Needless to say it certainly was a fun-filled and unique experience.  This set the stage for dividing into small groups where people responded to some personal questions and shared a little bit about themselves.  As an example, one question I posed was:  Who inspires you? Ultimately, this led to a business exercise where each group was charged with helping one another achieve their business goals for 2012.

The result was the emergence of small communities that are now inspired to work together, support one another and further each other’s success.  And what was the secret—getting to know you!

How may I help you build your community?  Let me know; I can’t wait to hear from you.

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