Holidays have different meanings for each of us depending on our background, culture and personality. Many of us invest time shopping for perfect presents to bestow on others.  But what about you?  My recommendation is that you focus on your presence vs. presents, specifically your professional presence.  Too often we overlook the immense importance of this concept, which can be costly in the long run.  When you stop and think about it, our professional presence is pervasive.  For starters, what is your professional presence like…

**On the phone: Do you leave succinct messages?

**At meetings: Do you offer meaningful contributions?

**When networking: Do you deliver a clear, concise 30-second commercial?

**When interviewing: Do you sell well?

**Non-verbally: Do you exhibit effective eye-contact?

**Electronically: Do you follow best practices when e-mailing?

We’re judged every moment by our professional presence, whether we know it or not.  So this year, invest in your professional presence; it’s a gift that’s priceless!

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