The X-Factor is now a highly popularized reality show; sadly I must admit that I know tonight is the finale.  Okay, now that I’ve owned up to being a fan, I got to thinking about the x-factor that we all have but don’t necessarily act on. In this post I ask you to pose the following questions to yourself in determining your own x-factor. See how you rate…

1. How well do you x-press yourself?

2. Do you strive to x-cel in your communication?

3. How often do you go the x-tra mile when interacting?

4. Do you lead by x-ample?

5. How effective are you at x-panding on what others say?

6. Is your message x-traordinary?

7. How x-tensive is your vocabulary?

8. Do you convey a sense of x-citement when you’re passionate?

9. Do you sound like an x-pert to others?

10. Do you x-ude confidence?

These qualities add up to x-appeal, which we all need in our personal and professional lives.  Let me know how this impacts you and where I may help you further your success in being an x-ceptional communicator.

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