How is 2012 shaping up for you so far?  I hope it’s off to a great start for all my readers.  Now, as promised, I’m following up on my New Year’s resolution to each of you.

In what is now last year’s post (which was actually last week), I posed these questions for your consideration and am offering some of my thoughts for each one.

1. What questions are you asking yourself?

It’s important to reflect on the big picture of your life.  One way to approach this is by creating a map for yourself, (which could be a period of 6 months, a year, or 2 years) and determining what it is you want to be different and what you most value.  Critical difference here is that you’re steering clear of seeking a quick fix and instead setting your sights on a broader perspective that has greater implications.

2. How are goals different than resolutions?

The difference is that goals are the smaller stepping stones to help you reach your resolution & can increase in difficulty as you accomplish your targets.  they’re also far less rigid than resolutions and help you move toward your target.

3. Why should you think about adding vs. subtracting a behavior?

Removing behaviors makes us feel deprived; plus it’s usually easier to add vs. take away a behavior.  It may sound something like this…Instead of stop eating ice cream, try: eat more fruit; instead of stop interrupting others, try: spend more time listening.  When reframed this way it sounds better; as a result there is a greater likelihood it’ll get done! Get the idea?

4. How will you communicate your progress?

Once you’ve identified your goals relative to your resolutions, it’s a good idea to plot them out with your projected timeframes. Don’t get stuck on this one; simply use your best judgment realizing that you can always make adjustments, where warranted.  Consider documenting your progress and then try sharing your news with others!

It’s kind of trendy to make New Year’s resolutions—something to do just because everyone else is, right?  But this year why not do it for you because you believe in yourself and you’ve put thought into what you most value.  This can truly work because it all starts out with that personal conversation with the person who knows you best…yourself!

We both know you’re worth it.

P.S. Please stay in touch and let me know how it’s working for you.

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