Believe it or not…who is this man?

February 23, 2012By Dale KleinFear

Recognize the man in this photograph?  In case he doesn’t look familiar, his name is                  Enrico Caruso, perhaps the world’s greatest tenor.  Caruso is reported to have sung 607 performances at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  One source I read stated that Mr. Caruso said: “I’ve … Read More

Who’s Got The Time?

February 16, 2012By Dale KleinPublic Speaking|Time

How often have you said or heard others say: Where does the time go? I’m really pressed for time. I don’t have enough time! Let’s face it–most of us feel time-deprived and that’s not likely to change any time soon.  While you may not immediately think of time when it comes to communication, there is … Read More

Why Tell When You Can Ask?

February 9, 2012By Dale KleinQuestions

In last week’s post, I announced my newest CD titled Going Up? How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitch as the perfect tool for answering What do you do? which many consider to be a tough question. That lead me to thinking that not only is that question difficult, but the very idea of posing questions doesn’t … Read More

Here’s a Tough Question: What Do You Do?

February 2, 2012By Dale KleinNetworking|Professionalism

 Only four words and yet when someone asks What do you do? it’s not uncommon to: 1. Freeze up 2. Tell your life story 3. Use techno-babble The result is that we end up confusing or losing our listeners; who can afford that?  If you can relate to this predicament or know others who … Read More