To Text or Not To Text: R U LOL?

March 28, 2012By Dale KleinTexting

 You may be among my many readers who not only consistently text but also feel that texting is your preferred means of communication.  No doubt you’re in good company since using texts as the primary means of communicating is gaining in popularity as we speak (no pun intended, of course)! If I asked you … Read More

Debut for the Duchess

March 21, 2012By Dale KleinMedia|Public Speaking|Special Occasions

This week marked Kate Middleton’s maiden voyage with her first public speech; how do you think she came across?  It is reported that although this was a brief address (~3 minutes); Kate wrote her own remarks regarding  the children’s hospice, (The Treehouse) in Ipswich, England. What did Kate do well? 1. Used her own language … Read More

Honestly…Honesty Is The Best Policy!

March 15, 2012By Dale KleinHonesty

 On last night’s American Idol, Jermaine Jones was kicked off the show because it was reported that he had four warrants out for his arrest, all of which he failed to report to the show’s producers!  They went on to say that his record reflected having given a false name to law enforcement on … Read More