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Car insurance; got it, health insurance; got it, home insurance; got itglitch insurance; not so much! What the heck is that, anyway?  I thought you’d never ask.  It’s actually a term I coined when I decided on the topic of this post; let me explain.

When it comes to the endless benefits of technology it’s hard to imagine how we lived without it, right?  However as most of us have come to realize, especially if we give presentations of any type, there can clearly be a down side.  In case you’ve not experienced this let me spell it out by way of two examples that I witnessed firsthand in the last week.

The first scenario involved a speaker who planned to play a company video and could not get the audio to function so he opted to play it with only the sound projected from a laptop.  Result was no one in the audience could hear so it was like watching a silent movie.  Let’s call this Glitch #1…no insurance policy here.

The second scenario involved a speaker who was presenting a topic requiring an Internet connection for the purpose of a live demonstration and could not get online for a full 20 minutes. Result was that his 90-minute presentation was now reduced to 70 minutes.  Let’s call this Glitch #2…no insurance policy here, either.

As a professional public speaker, I’m all too familiar with glitches just like those I’ve described plus others I’ve not even mentioned.  No one wants to be in these situations and some of us pray that we never are but despite our best efforts and prayers, we’re bound to find ourselves in exactly the same place at some point in time!

For this reason I advocate: Glitch Insurance, which comes down to these tips:

1. If you’re using any type of technology, plan for something to malfunction—in other words, the inevitable glitch. (No reason to be surprised when it happens!)

2. Ensure that you have prepared “Plan B,” your contingency plan.

3. Your back-up or contingency plan could take several forms but at the very least you could have props, handouts, a flip-chart or white board for diagrams or key messages.

4. Your best glitch insurance is You; you’re who the audience is counting on so don’t let them down.  If your audio isn’t audible, make sure you can narrate or tell a meaningful story.  If your Internet connection is malfunctioning, provide clear examples and create a handout with screen shots that capture your key messages.

Your audience has invested their trust in you; you owe it to them to never leave home without your Glitch Insurance.

How do you prepare for mishaps? Please send me your comments; as always,  I can’t wait to hear from you.

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