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Ever since I established my business in 1994 I’ve come to realize that the majority of people can find endless excuses as to why they don’t improve their communication skills.  Without a doubt at the top of the list is time-deprivation closely followed by it’s not convenient.

Now we can put an end to those excuses and get down to business.

You can access  the help you need with Virtual Communication Coaching

Choose how you prefer to make contact: Skype, video-conferencing, phone, e-mail; what could be easier! Here are examples of how I’ve coached people just like you:

1. Wrote/edited speeches sent to me electronically while my client conducted business

2. Met with a client via Skype to prepare for a high-powered interview

3. Conducted a conference call with a business owner to discuss networking strategies

4. Critiqued a presentation video posted online and followed up with a phone call to review

5. Met with a client via video conferencing to assist him with a global presentation

6. Dialed in to a national conference call to listen in live to an executive director’s leadership style and then followed up by phone to present feedback (known as call coaching)

Whether I help you directly or behind the scenes, the possibilities are virtually endless!  So, are you ready to capitalize on virtual communication coaching?  Let me know what your needs are.

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