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Most of us were raised to avoid bragging; after all who likes a braggart?  The dictionary defines this person as a loud, arrogant boaster…Ouch!

Today I pose the question: When’s the last time you tooted your own horn? If you’re thinking this equates to being a braggart (as defined above), then you probably want to avoid this like the plague.  Am I right?  However, when it comes to your success in business, confusing these two behaviors (bragging vs. tooting your own horn) can be a mistake that will work against you.  As a general rule, it’s far more common for females to be overly concerned about this vs. their male counterparts, which may not surprise you.

I invite you to consider this: How often do you feel “invisible” in the work setting?  How often do you feel your input is overlooked among your colleagues?  How often do you notice that your accomplishments go unrecognized?  If any of these situations seems familiar it’s most likely because you’ve not learned how to effectively and appropriately toot your own horn.

Good news!  You can change that and learn tips to improve this invaluable business communication skill; clients tell me all the time that this has helped them further their success.

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