Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be in the Olympics?  Do you think Olympians are born with their skill?  Do you think it’s all about skill?

We may not all agree on the answers to these three questions but with all eyes glued to the 2012 Olympics it got me thinking about how these athletes do what they do especially under the enormous pressure in which they’re placed.

What occurred to me is that to some extent raw talent plays a role but I firmly believe in large part it’s more about their goal-setting, their passion and their unrelenting commitment.  As I reflect on the coaching and training I provide to my clients, this seems to also hold true for those aspiring to excel in their communication skills.

So maybe public speaking isn’t yet an Olympic event but what if we began thinking about it that way?  Ask yourself these questions as you work on enhancing your speaking abilities:

1. Do you have a well-defined speaking goal that you can envision?

2. Are you driven to work towards achieving that goal as part of your day-to-day activities?

3. Are you committed to receiving coaching and applying all available resources to ensure your desired outcome?

Starting today…see yourself achieving first a bronze medal, moving on to a silver medal and ultimately a gold medal.  Olympians aren’t born, they’re trained…you’re well on your way to becoming an Olympic Speaker!

What’s your opinion?

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