How Smart Are You…Emotionally?

September 26, 2012By Dale KleinEmotional Intelligence|Interpersonal Communication|Job Success|Leadership

Mention these 2 letters-IQ-and everyone knows what it means and probably has their own bias about its merit.  But what about these 2 letters-EQ or EI…do you recognize them? They stand for Emotional Quotient and Emotional Intelligence, respectively.  By the way if you didn’t know that, don’t worry because it doesn’t reflect your IQ! Last … Read More

Tongue Tied? How to Get Unstuck!

September 6, 2012By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Do these situations sound at all  familiar?  Maybe you can’t get a conversation started or you can’t think of how to respond to a  question or you can’t keep any momentum going once a conversation is underway. If you’ve had this happen then guess what…you’re totally normal because at some point in time we’ve all … Read More