You Sound Like A Speaker…But Do You Look Like A Speaker?

December 27, 2012By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism|Public Speaking

Years ago when I first established my speech coaching business, Profitable Speech…A Sound Investment, I coined the phrase “head to toe speaking.” The reason for that is because I ran into clients who believed speaking was solely about what you said.  While that’s correct to some extent, it overlooks the significance of non-verbal language, which … Read More

Squandering Your Sponsorship?

December 20, 2012By Dale KleinJob Success|Leadership|Networking

Have you or your company ever pursued a sponsorship opportunity?  If you’ve never done so, it’s an excellent way to heighten your visibility assuming it’s the right audience and the right event.  Once you make the decision to be a sponsor what’s essential is that you take your responsibility seriously in order to reap the … Read More

Would You Want Your Name Butchered?

December 13, 2012By Dale KleinLeadership|Professionalism

How often have you attended a meeting or event where someone or even the leader optimistically says: “I hope I don’t butcher this name but here goes..” or apologetically says: “Well sorry if I just butchered your name…” Earlier this week I attended a fundraiser where not only one but two of the key speakers … Read More