So…what’s your opinion about so?

January 30, 2013By Dale KleinPublic Speaking|Verbal Fillers

So this post is about a pretty potent 2-letter word…SO. You must have noticed that “so” has reached a significant level of prominence in our daily conversation.  What I’d like to know is just how did this adverb make its ascendancy in the English language?  This is why I personally find language so incredibly fascinating. … Read More

Choosing to Lip Sync: Face the Music!

January 25, 2013By Dale KleinHonesty|Professionalism

If you’re interested in debating  whether or not Beyonce chose to lip sync the Star Spangled Banner at the presidential inauguration… that’s up to you. In my opinion, the bigger issue to examine is her decision not to comment on this subject. At some point in time any one of us could find ourselves in … Read More

Standing Up to Communication Challenges

January 18, 2013By Dale KleinInspirational|Public Speaking

Last night on American Idol, a young man named Lazaro Arbos was one of the contestants who entered the singing competition. His aptly chosen song was Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel), which he sang flawlessly. Reportedly, this 21-year old Florida resident, originally from Cuba, began stuttering as a child.  Last night as he … Read More

Multi-tasking: Mystique or Myth?

January 4, 2013By Dale KleinProfessionalism|Texting

Are you a chronic multi-tasker; if so are you proud of this? More and more I find that people will say they’re able to multi-task and you can almost discern a sense of pride when they make this statement.  My question is…are they fooling themselves into thinking that  this is a strength?  It’s almost as … Read More