Your Voice: To Fry or Not to Fry?

April 23, 2013By Dale KleinVocal Quality

You’ve  no doubt heard this vocal behavior before but perhaps didn’t know what it was called.  It’s the sound someone makes when they speak at the lowest end of their pitch range and often run out of air.  The result is a gravelly vibrato that resembles the sound of something “frying in a griddle,” hence … Read More

Possible Pachyderm Persona?

April 17, 2013By Dale KleinJob Success|Public Speaking

If the opportunity presented itself…what animal would you be? For some reason I have a special affection for pachyderms; particularly the elephant. Did you know: a. The elephant is distinguished by its high level of intelligence, interesting behavior, methods of communication and complex social structure… b. Elephants are very social, frequently caressing and touching one … Read More