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In business, being the same is generally not advisable.

Now let’s take that to the next level; do you want to sound the same as everyone else? Hopefully, not!  And yet human nature is that we tend to fall into certain language patterns that over time become droll because we sound the same as others.  Big mistake!

Yes, we typically have our “favorite” word or expression and in some circles or when among friends and family there’s nothing wrong with using those words or phrases.  However, in business when we’re distributing correspondence, leaving a voice mail message, sending an e-mail or delivering a presentation, it can work against you if you repeatedly express yourself with cliches.  The result is that your professional presence is diminished and you may not be capturing the attention of your audience.  You’ll know this is occurring when you see behaviors like eye-rolling or you hear groans or sighs of boredom.  This is a place none of us wants to go!

Here’s a list of expressions for you to review and see how many are part of your day-to-day language (a few of my favorites were definitely there). Starting now, invest the time in freshening up your message and watch the difference in your impact.

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