No matter what type of communication you use on the job it needs to stay with people; let’s call it the “stickiness factor.”

While there are multiple instances where this applies, for now, let’s focus on conducting a training session. It may sound simple but if you’ve ever had to develop and deliver a session where you’re training others, you know all too well how much goes into it.  Or do you?

If you’ve been selected to train people in a particular skill, even if you are a subject matter expert (SME), you’ll need more than your knowledge to get the job done right.

Consider this list of 7 training tips to achieve stickiness:

1. Do you have a sense of passion about the topic?  If you’re bored, your audience may feel similarly.

2. Do you have a fairly good sense of the trainees’ job responsibilities? Armed with this knowledge, you can clearly show how your training topic will help them on the job, whether it’s being more effective, productive or working smarter.

3. Have you included interactive activities? Attention spans are short so it’s always wise to mix things up and avoid using a purely didactic approach.

4. Do you circulate and stay involved during an activity? Walk around and check-in to see where people need more help or clarification vs. taking a break.

5.  Do you encourage questions and different perspectives? You may not agree with what participants say but you’ll more readily connect with them if you invite them to have a voice and share their opinions.

6. Do you offer feedback or commentary specific to what a participant says? If you want to build rapport and increase participation, recognize and thank people for their comments and gear your responses so they add value for the person who spoke.

7. Are you a role model? Keep in mind that you’re most likely seen as a leader on your particular topic; the more you emulate the behaviors which you’re training, the greater the likelihood that you’ll come across as more credible as well as more confident.

The next time you’re asked to conduct a training, factor in this list of 7 tips and see if they improve your stickiness factor. As always, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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