You’ve  no doubt heard this vocal behavior before but perhaps didn’t know what it was called.  It’s the sound someone makes when they speak at the lowest end of their pitch range and often run out of air.  The result is a gravelly vibrato that resembles the sound of something “frying in a griddle,” hence the name: vocal fry.

Is there any value to speaking with vocal fry? Absolutely not!

Who is most likely to use vocal fry? Most often this vocal behavior is common among females, particularly teenagers and young women.

What’s the impetus to speak with vocal fry? The simple answer is that this is a trend, in much the same way that certain expressions or fashions become popularized.  Typically it’s used to “fit in” with a peer group. (It’s often used by pop vocal artists.)

Is it harmful to your voice to use a vocal fry? Any time you consistently use your voice in an unnatural way you’re exhibiting poor vocal hygiene and can potentially put yourself at risk.

What’s the downside of using vocal fry? This vocal quality is generally distracting and annoying to your listeners who may tune you out or not take you seriously.

Here’s a video clip on this topic with NBC’s Chief Medical Editor,                              Dr. Nancy Snydermanclick here to watch video

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