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Here’s…Johnny! Boy do I miss the days of Johnny Carson hosting the Tonight Show!       An essential ingredient was Ed McMahon’s introduction, which was his classic “Here’s…Johnny!” Not quite sure it would have had the same effect if Johnny Carson came out and introduced himself; what do you think?

That’s exactly why it’s always advisable to request that you be introduced whenever you’re the speaker.  Occasionally this may not be feasible but that’s why it’s best to always ask rather than leaving it up to chance.  At some point in time, you may find yourself having the responsibility of introducing a speaker; consider it an honor!  Most importantly, take it seriously because it’s the best way to position the speaker for success, if done well.

Too often, this responsibility is a last minute assignment and as a result the introduction falls flat.  Usually this is because the person doing the introduction is unaware of the essential elements of delivering an introduction and everything falls apart from there.  Why not see how much you know about this topic by taking my quiz…

[wpsqt_quiz name=”8 Deadly Sins of Introducing A Speaker”]

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