Screaming: It’s Vocal Suicide!

June 26, 2013By Dale KleinVocal Hygiene|Vocal Quality

Most of us take our voice for granted…BIG MISTAKE. Our voice needs to last a lifetime and like any other muscle in our body we must take proper care of it as part of maintaining our overall health.  Being trained as a Speech/Language Pathologist, I’m extremely familiar with this topic which is why last night’s … Read More

Take Care of Your Audience: Making Accommodations Is Key!

June 20, 2013By Dale KleinAccommodations

Today I had the privilege of conducting several workshops for individuals with varying disabilities. Among the benefits of addressing these professionals was their willingness to make their needs known and doing so in an appropriate and effective manner. Specifically, the individuals who were visually impaired had some challenges that required accommodations, which included the following: … Read More