Blueprint of a buildingRulers and measuring tools

Whether you think of yourself as a nerd, geek, bookworm or know someone befitting of these descriptors, we’re probably talking about people who are dedicated to some type of intellectual or academic pursuit.  Generally speaking, these terms seem to be attributed to those who are in a technical field (e.g. IT, engineering, science, etc.).

Does this mean that these professionals are exempt from communicating effectively?  Of course not; especially because they have a wealth of information to share and we certainly want to hear and benefit from it!

Since establishing my business in 1994, I’ve been privileged to serve clients who are chemists, scientists, physicists, engineers and CEOs of technical companies.  What they have in common is their commitment to their area of expertise and wanting to get this information out to their peers, colleagues and the world.

My challenge is assisting these exceptional professionals in taking a highly complex message and transforming it into language that is readily processed, retained and applied.  This is why I love what I do.  Recently I came across a TED talk on this very subject that I’m including in this post for your review.

As you listen to it, what stands out for you?  As always, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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