“No Problem” is Creating a Headache For Me!

July 25, 2013By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette

We all have our pet peeves; for me it often comes down to communication.  Here’s what I mean: a. I’m at a restaurant where I’ve thanked the waitress for taking my dinner order;  she responds: “No problem.” b. I’m at a department store where I’ve  thanked the salesperson after paying for my purchase; he responds: … Read More

TMI: Stop Over Sharing!

July 4, 2013By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

How often have you had the experience of speaking to someone who tells you far more information than you should know…and you can’t wait to escape?  How about the reverse where you realize you’ve just been the one to divulge inappropriate information and now it’s too late to take it back.  It’s the all-too-common TMI … Read More