Transitions: Your Communication Bridge

August 29, 2013By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

Think back to a recent time when you were listening to someone speak (whether in a conversation or during a presentation); did you ever feel confused, lost or unclear?  If so, this is a clear sign that the speaker lacked effective use of transitions.  While this is quite common, it should and can be rectified. … Read More

Communication: Relating to yourself and your world

August 15, 2013By Dale KleinInternal Dialogue|Interpersonal Communication|Technology

At a recent client meeting with multiple senior leaders, I received feedback that my input was “thought-provoking.”  My interpretation of that was quite positive.  To me, it translated into facilitating a new way of thinking about a topic.  As a business communication coach, that’s what it’s all about. Based on my experience, communication is far … Read More

Reduce Your Public Speaking Tension: Use Progressive Relaxation

August 9, 2013By Dale KleinTension

Recently a client of mine was expressing how distraught she was with her feelings of tension related to public speaking.  My response: “Please know that this is a common concern shared by many other people.” Among the various techniques I presented was Progressive Muscle Relaxation, sometimes referred to as PMR.  In case you’re unfamiliar with this … Read More