Code-Switching: A Natural Behavior in Our Communication

September 26, 2013By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Interpersonal Communication|Vocabulary|Vocal Variety

In today’s news, actor Samuel L. Jackson challenged President Obama to “be more presidential” and to “stop trying to relate.”  That comment stemmed from a recent interview where the President was omitting the final “g” consonant at the end of his words.  Many of us speak in the manner that Mr. Jackson is referencing; examples … Read More

Uh-oh; Did I just say that!

September 19, 2013By Dale KleinProfessionalism|Vocabulary

We’ve all had the experience of hearing another person mispronounce a word or even a common phrase/expression.  It’s extremely common and for that reason some of us may be making those same gaffes…unknowingly.  In most instances other people won’t tell you because either they don’t realize it’s incorrect or they think it’s inappropriate to bring … Read More

All We Really Have Is Our Reputation; What’s Yours?

September 12, 2013By Dale KleinProfessionalism

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines reputation as: the common opinion that people have about someone or something. Most of us are aware of the reputations of other people but when’s the last time you stopped to think about what creates your reputation?  Of course we all want to be highly respected and valued but that doesn’t … Read More

The Art of Question and Answer

September 3, 2013By Dale KleinQuestions

  As speakers, many of us dread the Question & Answer segment; at least this is what I often hear from those who seek my presentation coaching.  In my opinion, that’s unfortunate because the Q&A is an invaluable tool (take my quiz to learn why).   When coaching my clients on their Q&A segment, we … Read More