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With Thanksgiving only 2 days away, what better time to reflect on that for which we’re grateful. (Hopefully we all do this throughout our day rather than waiting for this holiday to think about why we’re thankful.)

Many of you may have read or heard about Danny Keefe, an adorable 6-year old kindergartner who’s already leaving his mark on the world and making appearances on national television.  This young man, of his own volition, dresses for school each day in a suit and tie (along with a fedora).

In addition to his dapper appearance, Danny must cope with the challenges of childhood apraxia of speech.  This is a motor speech disorder, characterized by having difficulty saying sounds, syllables and words. Danny (and others like him) most likely knows exactly what he wants to communicate, however his brain cannot easily coordinate the muscle movements of his lips, jaw and tongue to ensure he’s understood by others.

You can imagine how frustrating this would be; now add to that the fact that some of the children at Danny’s school have made him a target for humiliation! However, Danny has a solid source of support as evidenced by his friends who have rallied behind him with events such as “Danny Appreciation Day.”

In my opinion, this is truly heroic communication and reason to be grateful for our friends.

Let me know how you communicate like a hero…

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