Actions Clearly Speak Louder Than Words…Especially When Signed

December 20, 2013By Dale KleinNon-Verbal Language

  Recognize this man?  He is 34-year-old Thamsanqua Jantjie, the sign language interpreter who has been dubbed as a “fake” while signing at Mandela’s memorial service earlier this month, standing right next to many world leaders, including President Obama.  (This has stirred up an incredible controversy and will no doubt undergo tremendous scrutiny.) According to sign language … Read More

The Patient Communicator: Is That You?

December 5, 2013By Dale KleinAccommodations

For as many different types of people that exist, there are probably just as many communication challenges (some known and some unknown). One of the most common communication challenges is being hearing impaired. For some people this is congenital while for others it may be acquired or due to aging (presbycusis).  What’s important to realize … Read More