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If I called you or ran in to you and asked “How are you doing?”  you might respond “I’m crazy busy!”  This has become an oft-heard refrain, at least among those with whom I speak.  We’re always busy or at least we feel that way as we tackle our ongoing to-do lists.

When I ask my clients and prospects what’s keeping them so busy, they’ll typically refer to B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer/clients/customers) initiatives.  We’ve all become accustomed to this lingo as the industry standard.  By now you may be nodding your head and thinking “So what’s the problem?”  The concern with getting caught up in a world of B2B and/or B2C is that we have a tendency to treat others like a transaction vs. a person.

What’s the solution, you ask?  It’s H2HHuman to Human, something we may occasionally overlook. We all recognize that what separates us from other species is our incredible brain and our ability to think.  Starting today—I invite you to consider these 5 strategies:

T=Thank others for their efforts and comments

H=Hear someone out by listening 100%

I=Invite others to share their input

N=Note what matters to others

K=Keep a conversation going by asking open-ended questions

What else would you add when taking an H2H approach?  Send me a voice-mail using the icon on the right side of this post.  Can’t wait to hear from you.


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