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No matter how sophisticated technology becomes…the telephone will always be a staple in business communication.  Now for the hard part–do you know how you sound on the phone and while we’re at it, do you know how your employees sound on the phone when representing your company?  It’s a little scary to think about however it’s a must for business success.

Perhaps the biggest concern is that because we’re so accustomed to daily phone communication and have been for some time now, we’ve become lax about our skills.  In fact, for some companies it’s just a matter of say what you need to say and move on.  Does this complacency sound at all familiar?

Recently, I was contacted by a company who truly stands out from its competitors because they view telephone skills as a high priority.  They asked me to conduct a workshop solely dedicated to phone usage as part of their emphasis on creating what they call   “customer experience.”   Bravo for them!  I’m developing a highly customized program that will ensure they get quality results on the telephone.

Here are 5 questions I invite you to consider; next week I’ll provide the answers for you.

1.  What is the recommended number of rings in which you should answer your phone?

2.  Why is it important to use a “verbal handshake” when answering the phone and how is this accomplished?

3. What’s the best way to show respect for a caller early on in the conversation?

4.  When a caller is placed on hold, what is the appropriate length of time to not exceed?

5. What’s the most effective way to take a message?


Give these questions some thought and please check back next week for the answers.  I may even have new questions for you.

I’ll also keep you posted on how my telephone workshop goes…





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